About Me


Geneva McCloud MPH, BSHW, a Detroit native, is an accomplished entrepreneur, advocate, and subject matter expert in Nutrition, Food & Safety Health Education. She founded Favorable Well-Being, LLC in 2016 to empower women aged 40+ in managing hypertension through lifestyle changes.

As a former substitute teacher in Metro-Detroit, Geneva realized the need for
comprehensive health education in schools. She established impactful programs, taking a “whole-school” approach to wellness.

Geneva actively contributes to community well-being as a member/owner of Detroit's Peoples Food Co-op and through collaborations with organizations like the American Heart Association and Love Yourself for Life.

Driven by a lifelong commitment to helping others, Geneva's educational background includes a Master of Public Health and a Bachelor of Health and Wellness from Purdue University Global.

Outside of her transformative work, Geneva enjoys laughter, learning, and connecting with others. She frequents local farmers' markets, comedy shows, and museums, while also volunteering and cherishing time with loved ones.


Geneva's personal wellness journey has transformed her mind, body, and soul, maintaining a healthy weight, controlling blood pressure, and actively participating in 5k races. She advocates for self-love and self-care as essential foundations for living one's best life.





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